Mailing Lists

When an Autoprotocol Standard Change (ASC) is accepted into the official standard it is announced on the autoprotocol-announce list. It is recommended that everyone who wishes to track Autoprotocol sign up for the mailing list, which is very low volume.

Development & ASC Discussion

Autoprotocol Standard Change ("ASC") Process

Changes to the Autoprotocol specification are made using the Autoprotocol Standard Change ("ASC") process. Anyone can write an ASC. Community-accepted ASCs are necessary for any changes to the Autoprotocol standard, such as:

  • Adding a new instruction, for example to support a new class of device.
  • Changing the parameters of an instruction in case something is over- or under-specified.
  • Adding a new section to the protocol structure.

To submit an ASC, submit a pull-request to the Drafts directory of the ASCs repository. Please follow the outlined template.

ASCs must be formatted using Markdown syntax. Code example blocks shall be delimited using three backticks rather than indentation (Semantic indentation must not be used in an ASC). Usage of LaTeX is accepted in limited cases, such as when mathematical equations are helpful for the proposal.

Submitted ASC drafts will be initially reviewed by the ASC reviewers team where the focus will be on correct formatting. Once accepted, an ASC number will be assigned.

After acceptance of the draft, the author may submit a pull request to the accepted folder. Here, a more technical review where all aspects of the ASC will be subject to discussion will be reviewed by the curators.

Once an ASC is accepted, they will be sent out to the mailing list for notification. Barring any extraordinary last-minute comments, they will be moved to the published folder where it will be published at this website.


Peter Lee
Rhys Ormond
Vanessa Biggers
Yang Choo
Past curators include: Jeremy Apthorp, Tali Herzka and Jim Culver.